Very quickly, I want to show You 10 High Income Skills You can learn in 2021 if You want to make more Money that You have ever made.

Before I proceed, What are High Income Skills?

Of course,

You know what INCOME means,

and You know what HIGH means…

Marry them together,

High Income Skills are Skills that You can acquire and People/Companies will be willing to pay You above average Salaries or Fees for.

In Short, they are skills that help YOU CASH OUT without asking “Sho ni CC” and running from EFCC… I am sure You have heard Bella Shmurda’s song? LOL.

These Skills I am about to list are not just something I sat down and curated myself, they are Skills that have been singled out from Millions of Recruitment and Employment data… so to a large extent, they are empirically proven.. i.e. they are LEGIT.

Note that; There are several High Income Skills You can acquire, but for the purpose of this post, I have singled out 10.

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Without further ado, here are 10 skills You can start learning today IF You want to earn MORE INCOME in 2020.

1.Software / Web Development – You already know software is eating up the world.

You are reading this on your device from my Website(a software), with the help of a Software (your Browser).

You probably saw the link on Facebook, LinkedIn or Whatsapp (all are Software).

Every organization is looking to Digitize their Businesses and offerings that is why HIGHLY SKILLED Software Developers are in HIGH Demand. Click here to start your Software Development Journey. 

2.Digital Marketing – Every Business wants to SELL more to their Customers so they employ Marketers.

I am sure You have seen people where TShirts belonging to a Business or Brand and asking You to buy products from that Business?

Now that Businesses have moved online and everything has become Digital, they no longer need the services of Physical Marketers like they used to.

Guess what they are looking for? Digital Marketers Baby!!!.

These are people who can seat in the comfort of their homes and help Businesses SELL using Social Media, Google Ads etc. Click here to begin your Digital Marketing Journey 

3.Copywriting – Very closely to Digital Marketers are CopyWriters. 

If You are hearing that word for the first time, Copy Writers are people that Write Advertisement Texts (and maybe Videos) for Businesses.

I am sure You must have stumbled on some Ads where You read a very interesting story about a Product or Service and You did not know when You swiped your Card… That is the work of Copywriters..

They write persuasive Texts or what they call Copies that Businesses use in Advertisement.

If You have a knack for Writing, then You should consider learning Copywriting. Click here to start your Copywriting Journey.  

4. Artificial Intelligence – Before You freeze, let me break it down.

Artificial Intelligence is not a complex as folks make it sound.

I am sure You have 1 or 2 people say stuffs like “Robots will take over the world” or “Machines will take our jobs” bla bla bla.

Of a Truth, Machines will take over most Jobs but what if You can learn How to control those Machines instead.. You will be their Master yea?.

That is why You should Learn about Artificial Intelligence. Click here to start your journey into AI.

Are You still with Me or I have lost You?

You are still here yea… Good let us proceed.

5.SALES – Good Old Sales.

Nothing Beats Sales in this life.

Matter of FACT, the only WAY to MAKE MONEY in this LIFE is to SELL Something to Somebody at a PROFIT (even if it does not appear so obvious). Every other thing is Super Story by Wale Adenuga Productions..   

Think of every time Money touched your hands, how did You make the Money? 

You got your Salary? Why did they pay You?… You SOLD your Skills and Time to the Company.

Your Dad or somebody DASHED You Money? You SOLD Sympathy or Emotions..

After that person gave You that Money, they felt GOOD like they have helped someone else…so in reality You sold them that “Feel Good” feeling.

Do you get the point now?

I needed to add this because irrespective of what You know, if You cannot SELL it to someone else, You will still go Hungry.

So if You must acquire any Skill in 2021, SALES should be part of your stack or armory. 

6. Teaching/Coaching/Public Speaking – I know when You heard Teaching, You “Teaching Ke?”.. I know the Rewards of Teachers are in Heaven.

Matter of fact, my Parents were Teachers so I know how “big” the rewards of Teachers are.

BUT I am not talking about the primitive Teachers that You know.

I am not talking about Teachers or even Lecturers that have to go on strike to earn Minimum wage. 

I am talking about being a Digital Teacher or if You want You can call it “New School Teacher”.

You know something that the rest of us does not, You can package it into an E-Book or Video, host it online and SELL to people that need the knowledge.

You know the good thing about this?

You don’t have to start teaching everybody that wants to learn over and over again every time, You are not manufacturing any physical products, You are not needing physical logistics.

In case You are still not convinced, let me share my own “testimony” with You.

About to weeks ago,

I sat on my Dining Table with my Laptop,

I was sipping a cold bottle of Orijin when the “Spirit” ministered to me to write a book on Digital Marketing,

I opened Google Docs…2 hours later, I had written over 50 pages..

I downloaded the what I had typed as a PDF document, Put it on one of my websites… some days ago, while chilling in Ibadan with Friends and Family, I made a Post on Facebook, offered the book for 1,000 Naira and in less than 4 hours, I got alerts of over 10,000… while still sipping bottles with friends..

Isn’t God wonderful?..LOL.

That is how it is done.. Create/Write Once, Earn Forever.

7. E-Commerce/Dropshipping/Mini Importation- I know when You hear e-Commerce, what comes to Mind is Konga and Jumia and the Big names.. but You too can do e-Commerce.

What is eCommerce? eCommerce is the shortened form of Electronic Commerce.

Commerce is Buying and Selling of Products and Services.. Electronic is something You do Digital or Online in this case.

Can You source for Products at a Cheaper rate from Balogun, Idumota, Gbagi, Ogunpa or even China and use Social Media to SELL it? Yes.

That my Friend is e-Commerce…No Cap.

In the case of Drop Shipping, You dont even need to buy the products physically, just advertise the products.. when a Buyer comes, send the order to the Supplier and the product get shipped.. You pay the supplier the cost price… You pocket the rest.

I know it might be confusing…let me explain.

Imagine You have an understanding with a Big Store or Warehouse owner,

You go there, take clean pictures of their products, post the pictures online… and add the Price (including your own Profit)…

When someone signifies interest, You go to that Warehouse, collect the product, Sell…

Pay them their own Money, Pocket the Rest… It’s that simple! might not be that EASY but people are cashing out steady from it.

8. Graphics Designing- Humans are Visual Animals..

We like to see beautiful things. Take a Break, go on your Facebook Timeline or Instagram what do you see there? Pictures, Graphics, Images.

Businesses and Organizations understand that they need to capture our attention with beautiful graphics that is why they are constantly on the lookout for Graphics Designers and if You are badass in it, trust me, You will be cashing out steady.

You can start with Basic Graphics Design with Canva using just your phone.. Click here to get started

When You are comfy with that, You can jump on specialized Graphics softwares like Photoshop etc. Click here to get a FREE Photoshop tutorial 

9. Digital Content Creation- This is the umbrella term for a lot of things.




Skit Making, 

Social Media Influencing etc are all under this category or “they are in the same Whatsapp group” lol.

How does this work?

Sit down,

Pick a category, 

Do You like writing.. then maybe Blogging is for You?

You are photogenic and have a thing for Cameras? Youtubing might be handy.

You sing in the bathroom and You think your voice is better than Davido’s voice..LOL..maybe Podcasting.

You think You are funnier than Brother Broda Shaggi? Start Making skits.

Next thing is to pick a Niche

Which area or topic do You want to be blogging, youtubing, podcasting or skit making about?

It helps if You come up with something distinct and people will vibe to… I mean there where the likes of Basket Mouth and AY before the likes of Taoma and Broda Shaggi came on Board..but the latter found a way to get their own market share.

What next?

Push out contents regularly, gather followers… attain influencer status… get Adverts from companies or push out offers by yourself.

And the Oga Pata Pata of them all,

10. CryptoCurrency/Forex- 

Let me add a Caveat First… Crypto is complex, You need a lot of Learning to understand it and profit from it

I am sure You have earned people talk about CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Maybe You don’t even know what it means, let me break it down for You.

CryptoCurrency is made up of 2 words, Crypto and Currency.

You know want Currency means abi? like Naira, Dollar, Pounds Sterling etc.

Crypto is from the root word Encrypt.. It means something that is Encrypted.

In one sentence, CryptoCurrency is a Currency (like Naira) that is encrypted and runs on a universally available ledger called the Blockchain.

Unlike the Naira that is controlled by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CryptoCurrencies are not controlled by anybody… na all of us get am..LOL.

The most popular CryptoCurrency is Bitcoin..that is why You have been hearing Bitcoin all around.

And it is popular because of its value.. As at the time of this writing, 1 Bitcoin or (BTC) is valued at 13,000,000 Naira… Wawu!!!

What it means is that if You have 1 BTC, You can exchange it and get 13,000,0000 credited into your bank account.

How do You make Money from Crypto?

2 Major ways (there are other ways)

  1. Actively Buy and Sell Crypto Currencies – You can use your Naira to Buy Crypto Currencies either from Individuals or Companies we call Exchanges… The goal is to buy at a lower price and sell at an higher price.. then you make a Profit. or 
  2. You can buy and hold- this is similar to buying a Land.. You buy a land at 50k and hold it for 5 years till you can sell for 500k or even 5M…You can buy a Crypto Coin e.g BTC or Ethereum now and keep it till its value appreciates then you sell.

P.S. Like I stated Earlier, Crypto is complex not as easy as I explained it… (its not for Children Ma lo fa like Naira Marley said) BUT IF You can learn and master it, You will be cashing out in Millions.

Click here to learn the Basics of Cryptocurrency.

Forex is similar to CryptoCurrency except in the case of forex, You are trading “normal” currencies.. US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Pounds Sterling etc. Hop on Youtube to get Tutorials on Forex.

Like I said earlier, these are highly risky ventures… (its not for children Ma lo fa!!!) but if You have appetite for Risks, the rewards are highly rewarding!!!!..

So there You have them!!!!…

10 High Income Skills that can help You EARN MORE in 2021.

I hope You find them useful.

If You have questions drop them in the comment section, I reply comments.

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