The word elegance should mean a lot to women because it comprises of confidence, self worth and being grounded as a solid woman.

Let’s define elegance: To be stylish and graceful in both character and appearance. This is how i want to be defined and it has been working out just fine.

So let’s get down to 6 things elegant women do. Elegant women never forget their manners at home; say sorry, excuse me, please and apologize when you are wrong.

Talk softly but be firm. Watch your tone and practice how to speak elegantly. Do not swear, its not a pretty sight.

Dress elegantly, no need to go naked to feel beautiful. You are more beautiful when you are well dressed.

An elegant woman cleans after herself, her home is always organised and clean. Not to mention how good her home smells.

An elegant woman brings out the best in people around her, her partner is lucky to be with her because she focuses on the good part.

If you notice that you love to tear people down, that’s ghetto behavior, far from elegant.

An elegant woman does not slouch, you have to practice good posture, it makes your entrance into any room epic.

Also, an elegant woman is health conscious, she watches what goes into system and is a champion in the kitchen too where she makes healthy meals.

I hope you learnt a thing or two about elegance, of course this list won’t be complete if i don’t add that an elegant woman is resourceful and definitely not a liability.



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