Isn’t God awesome! He provided fruits that will keep you healthy throughout each season.Around February and March we had lots of avocado pears
I ate lots of it still it went out of season and now there is cucumber everywhere.

I need not tell you that I shall be eating lots of cucumber too. The rainy season is not exactly good for my skin, I tend to break out but I have noticed that taking lots of cucumber minimizes the effects of rainy season on my skin.

My best season for my skin is the harmattan season, i glow without trying, I don’t joke with moisturizers and vegetables during this time.

Now that there are vegetables everywhere at very affordable prices, eat plenty of it. Eat everything with vegetables.

I don’t play with Uziza and ugu. I love both of them and sometimes I just fry them a little with enough fresh pepper, fresh tomatoes, onions and crayfish and then eat white rice with it. So sweet!

Uziza keeps your system clean and keeps you young.
It’s Saturday so go to the market and buy lots vegetables and go on vegetable fast for this weekend.

I plan to do this today and tomorrow, then do fruit fast next weekend. Give your body a break from all that heavy oil and processed food. It’s unhealthy to keep eating all that without a break. That’s why the body breaks down and you don’t want that.

I exfoliate on weekends too, Suavé coffee body scrub to the rescue, you can order and it will be sent to you no matter where you are.

Pamper yourself every weekend, in and out and glowing won’t be such a big deal. You will glow anytime you step out.

I am comfortable sharing my routine because I want to best for anyone who come to ChiomaJumbo Blog.

Remember that sharing is caring.

Have a beautiful weekend…

Sending you love and light.

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