The southeastern part of Nigeria is yet to be fully explored and it’s gold mine is yet to be tapped.

There are so many beautiful, breathtaking and fun places that you can visit within the year. The craziness that came with Covid-19 has taught us all to always find time and smell the flowers.

Visit these places with friends and family and create magical memories.

Ogba Ukwu Cave

This cave is a fun site to explore, and given its size, it would take almost 2 hours to completely see all it has to offer.

It has stone steps that make moving from the tunnel to tunnel easy, a waterfall, and an alleged elephant foot in one of its tunnels.

This is West Africa’s largest cave and you woudn’t want to miss it.

Ngwo Pine Forest & Cave

Enugu State is very peaceful. You will enjoy the cool breeze just walking around the open forest and get great shots hiding behind the really tall trees there.

Do not enjoy this alone, invite your friends, chose a good spot and have a picnic.

Oguta Lake

This is the biggest natural lake in South Eastern Nigeria and one of the best places in Imo State. It has a nice resort, so you should plan to spend more than a day there and get a full fun experience.

The newly lit Niger Bridge

You need to see this bridge at night! Awesome! the fire work is everything. The bright new look just adds a breathtaking feel to the view.

Azumini Blue River

If you love swimming then this one is for you. This river is one the best things in abia state.

The view of the Azumini Hill while you swim in the river is definitely a joy to behold.

Be sure to go with a tourist guide please, don’t go and get lost ooo and please know your limits.

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