Mothers are unsung heroes. They should be appreciated every day and celebrated every Sunday. Child birth! I am humbled by what i saw in the hospital between yesterday and today and all i can say is that God is great.

So much pain and so much joy in one room, the pain from the stitches and the joy from holding your baby, the softness i see in a mom’s eye when she stares at her child warms my heart and makes me tear up.

My friend’s daughter touched my heart and i have decided to be her god mother in every way, so help me God. I owe that child, i owe her the good things of life like i owe my own kids.

Women wage wars against death as they bring in new babies, new life. Oh, my friend would scream in pains every time she wants to get up or try to adjust a bit but will suddenly ask, is my baby sleeping? That’s all that gives her strength, the well being of her new born.

Thank you so much young moms and moms to be because of what you do now and what you will do in future. Maximum respect to mothers, now the real job has began in earnest, you have to raise that child the right way and you must protect your child.

I always tell moms that if your husbands decide not to be a good father to your child, choose your child over your husband because one parent is already failing, you can’t afford to fail to. That child has no one but you, absolutely no one, even if they do, it can never be the same.

Child birth should have thought you better, thought you that it took sweat and blood to bring in this child so you must protect this child with your sweat and blood and every thing in between.

Let’s go over it, the morning sickness, the long 9 months that feels like 9 years, the tear, the stitches, the theater that you managed to survive by God’s grace, your blood pressure was fluctuating, you felt pains months after childbirth and now it’s been years and you are fine.

Do not forget how you prayed to be blessed with a child when you get married, now is the time to be a blessing to that child against all odds, to raise in love and correct in love, to stand by your child, to make the home a safe haven.

Child birth, this staged is beautiful and you must not mess it up because this beauty can become ugly if you do it the wrong way, we need God the giver of children to give you the wisdom to handle any challenge that may arise.

You are warrior woman!! Can i hear you chant warrior songs for the WOMAN!!

God bless you mother! Sending you love and light. I am a God mother y’all! to the  beautiful girl that i saw few minutes after she was born.

My heart melted guys! Hey mum, enjoy this journey.


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