I see a lot of chubby girls with amazing bodies struggling to fix into outfits made for slimmer girls and i wonder why they can’t embrace their God given body! Like you have to enjoy having fat distributed at the right places.

As a chubby girl, wearing the right kind of underwear is every thing because it helps shape the body, its either you wear the right underwear or go without it. How your outfit comes out depends on it.


High waist underwear and a great bra is the the best because that way  lower tunny fat is tucked in and if you have excess tummy fat, you may need to exercise combined with healthy eating. I love waist trainers and i wear it when i have to.

Lets break it down with these tips:

Choose your jean carefully, you can get a away with a crop top if you wear the right high waist jean or any other material.

Invest in good pants, skirts and top. I love thick material, not too thick just in between because it is classy and beautiful when you wear it well. There is nothing classy about your body bouncing without control under your outfit.

When was the last time you took good care of your skin? Being a fashionista involves having a great skin because a great skin is attractive and makes dressing up very easy.

You need to always have a good bath, you need to scrub, you need to be able to keep your skin a fresh as you can. It easy for chubby people to develop body odor because some of us sweat a lot. I rarely sweat and i take good care of myself and that’s why i look so good when i dress up.

Also choose colors that suit your skin tone. Personally, i love brown, blue, yellow, ash, red, pin and lots of black. I pair them well. You must not spend tones of cash trying to look good. The thrift stores are there and cloths are much cheaper. There is nothing wrong with getting second hand clothes till you can afford getting new ones.

I have both new and second hand clothes and i wear it with pride because i am a small buisiness owner and i don’t intend spending all my profit on clothes.

I am good a shopping for people too. If you want me to be your personal shopper, feel free to call me 08138217895.

Sending you love and light.

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