We all know that the dating pool has become so dirty and lots of us are scared to dive in.

What can we do to clean up the dating pool and take it back to a time when dating meant respect, love, commitment and peace.

Dirty dating pool affect marriages in ways we can even imagine. Whatever you see while dating will be multiplied in marriage so what can we do to clean it up.

Now so many people are into shady deals and it will affect you if you date them.

Here are questions you must ask and believe me when I say it’s ok to snoop around to confirm if he or she is telling the truth.

Now more than ever, the good ol’ question “What do you do for a living” should be taken seriously.

If he or she can’t be specific about what they do or becomes defensive then it’s a red flag for me.

Fraudsters are everywhere and most of them are ritualists. They hope that taking you to expensive places will cloud your sense of judgment but don’t fall for it.

Ask about his family with the aim of finding out how he grew up. Within the conversation, talk about how you love to be pampered and ask him what he thinks about domestic violence.

Ask him lots of questions about his childhood. If he is damaged, you may play the role of a counsellor without coming off as one and watch him talk more.

A lot of youths are under pressure to make money and it’s sad to know that some parents push their kids to the point of going into internet fraud.

Only date a guy from a bad home if he says NO to his parents and means it. If not you will suffer and if you marry him and he is not able to send them money, his family will turn against you.

It’s not a pretty experience so run away.

If he is from a good Christian home but has been hurt badly in his past relationship, discuss and make him let down his guards so you can build something meaningful with him.

Good boys still exist, you may need to talk to him alot, go on dates and have lengthy discussions to dig it out.

Pay attention to the kind of friends he keeps. Pay good attention. Peer pressure comes from friends so you better take note.

We are only as good as the company we keep. So watch him closely.

Also discuss your values and watch his reaction. Some of them have sold their souls to the devil and they don’t care about values.

Do not be caught off guard. If he is a womanizer, run! Aids is still spreading and you can loose guard at all. STDs are everywhere so be careful.

Sex is now so cheap so be sure your man is not cheap or you will regret it.

If you love his reasoning, carriage, background and so on, then he is good to go.

Once again, this is 2022! Date the right way and I sincerely hope that you find love in the eyes of the man or woman you love.

Sending you love and light

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