In Africa, especially in Nigeria, a lady is expected to be married at a certain age and when you are still single at that age, even strangers will start advising you.

“Why not close eye and marry anyone?” Fine girls are usually picky but you’ve hit 30s so pick anyone already.

How do I begin to explain to this person that I am living a happy life and that I am a complete being without sounding like I am against marriage?

How can I be against an institution that God created? Now listen, I am a complete woman and will not marry just anyone, I will marry God’s will for me.

A lot of women are just there for the status, they married the next man who said hello because they are above 30 and it’s such a pity to watch women drop all the amazing things going on in their lives just to be called a Mrs.

Why am I writing this article? I am writing this article because women need someone to tell them that being single in your 30s is a good thing.

You are supposed to used this time to perfect your act. Your career, your cooking skill, get your business registered, make money, invest!!!

Imagine the kind of mother and wife you want to be and work on it, at this point only a real man will come for you because your value is so high now that people are even afraid to call you by your name even when you are humble.

Be the kind of woman that your in-laws can’t help respecting and admiring when you finally get married to your Odogwu.

Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself because you ain’t married yet. There are beautiful things in store for you.

I am on the 3rd floor and I am fabulous. My career is doing ok, my business growing, my skin glowing, my self confidence very high, my love life, amazing and the best is yet to come.

When I do walk down the aisle, it will be forever with God’s perfect will for me.


Sending love and light your way!!





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