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Now that You have a clear cut understanding of what Marketing is, it is

time to enter the interesting world of Digital Marketing.

I will not waste your time with theory in this chapter.

What is Digital Marketing?

In one sentence is doing marketing on the internet. As simple as ABC.

Which ever bogus term or definition people choose to give it, digital

marketing is simply doing everything we discussed in chapter one, this

time online.

Let me break it down for You once and for all.

What is the goal of digital marketing?

You should know this by now.

You have a Product or Service in your hand that You want to sell to your Customer.

Digital Marketing is simply getting your Customers to know about those products and services and convincing them of how valuable it is to them that they feel bad if they do not buy it this time using the Internet.

With the above definition, 3 things stand out.

  • You the Business Owner and your Product on one end.
  • The Internet as a medium.
  • And your Customers on the other end.

The goal of Digital Marketing therefore is for You to use the Internet to

reach your Customers (and potential Customers) with your Products

and Services. Nothing more nothing less.

There are 3 major channels to reach your Customers on the Internet


  1. Web
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Social Media

Majorly, people use the internet through Websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter or Mobile Apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram most of which fall under the Social Media category.

To help You get started on Digital Marketing immediately, I have broken down the exercise into into 5 major steps namely;

Step 1: Identify WHERE to Reach your Customers online.

Step 2: Once You have identified where to reach your Customers, You need to figure out HOW to reach them.

Step 3: Assemble your Digital Marketing tool box.

Step 4: Get started immediately

Step 5: Review your results, re-strategize and re-fire.

Action Points

  1. Take a Pen and a blank Sheet of Paper.
  2. Divide it into 3 columns.
  3. In the first column of the paper as shown above, list your Products / Services.
  4. In the second column, give a brief overview of who your ideal Customer is.. Are they Students, Working Class people, Elderly people, Ladies or just Guys?… This is called your Customer Avatar.
  5. Finally, on the 3rd column, put yourself in the demography or group of the Customers You listed in the 2nd column, which part of the Internet do You think You can find them?

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