The Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority ,ECTDA, on Monday, issued a final one-week notice to the remaining electrical material traders in Kenyatta market.

The traders have up to Monday March 15, 2021 to relocate to the Ugwuaji International Building Materials market or have their goods conisticated and shops demolished.

Chioma Jumbo Media reports that the agency had in March last year obtained a court order to enforce the market’s relocation to the Ugwuaji permanent site from the congested city center, but was encumbered by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the ECTDA in January this year gave the remaining traders up to February 27 to join their colleagues at the new market, yet some remained obstinate.

Inspecting the new market on Monday to verify the alleged hiccup at the new site, Chairman of ECTDA, Josef Onoh gave an order to finish clearing of electrical materials line which the traders said was their reason for non compliance to the directive.

Onoh, thereafter, gave the remaining traders up to March 15 to relocate to the permanent market or face the wrath of the law.

He said: “We have given them the maximum extension we can give but people are taking it for granted. You do not push the government to the point that we look like idiots and if I have been appointed to enforce that law, I will enforce it with all might and without apologies to anybody.

“By Monday next week, they either move or I will show them there is only one Chairman of Enugu Capital Territory. The only reason why they have not moved is the stupidity of the black man, sabotage, mental enslavement, laziness and daring the law and nobody dares the government.

“They were asked to move to the new site as far back as 2020 but in view of the covid-19, we extended the duration to March 1st 2021for the electrical section to move and in the agreement we have, it’s stated that we can enforce the law, confiscate their items and dump it with the local government where they can pay fine.”

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