If you want to have a very relaxed good looking appearance, then you should get at least eight hours of sleep.

Korean women love beauty!! they love to live a leisurely life. They do not compromise on their sleep for anything. Nine hours of sleep is just fine for their beauty regimen.

I completely agree with them because body needs to repair itself on a periodic basis. So do not compromise on your sleep.

Chioma Jumbo glows because apart from scrubbing my skin twice a week, I sleep well. After having a good bath and doing my nightly beauty routine, I sleep.

Get Suave body scrub, face cream, body butter and glow oil and use every night for 2 week, then you can start using the scrub twice a week.

In less than a month, the difference will be noticeable.

Here’s another trick… Use honey!

Buy original honey and drink it with warm water every morning to clean your body and boost your immunity. It also gives you a flawless glowing skin free of acne and scars.

I love drinking honey and milk, the taste is heavenly and it nourishes my skin.

For those of you who use make up like me, instead of wiping your face harshly, use coconut oil or almond oil.

Once you apply oil generously on your face, massage it all over your make up and then wash with warm water and pat your face dry.

Your face will feel so supple and clean. Treat that skin of yours well.

At suave cosmetics, we take care of your skin problems from the root.

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Sending you love and light.

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