Of all things ugly, i believe family feud is the ugliest. This is supposed to be your happy place, a place where you are not judged or treated badly. Family used to hold so much weight and i actually prefer it that way but for some reason, its not like that in many cases because of family feud.

Let’s talk about cause of family feud before we get down to the solution and for those of us who plan to have a family in future, we will also discuss how to prevent family feud.

Causes include: Favoritism, Rivalry, Misunderstanding, Jealousy, Entitlement, Greed, Comparison among others.

Unfortunately, our parents play a major role in this menace called family feud, i believe its because they didn’t know any better, they were raised the same way, this cycle doesn’t have to continue.

When trying to solve family feud, speak with the people involved with an open mind without taking sides, listen well before you talk.

You can involve other relatives if the issue becomes too much for one person to handle.

Remember what family is all about and act accordingly, respect one another, our parents tend to make anyone who makes more money feel more important, it sends the massage that you only care about money.

They forget that God can bless anyone, how do you face a child you humiliated when they were struggling? Family should be supportive not insult a person as long as he or she is trying.

Stop comparing sibling or even anyone, it leaves a bitter taste that may linger for a long time and that’s how siblings become enemies. Don’t build a toxic place in the name of building a family, if all your kids hate each other, you have failed as a parent.

In resolving family feud one has to be logical as well as compassionate, the idea is to settle the differences not win the argument. Disagree to agree.

All fingers will never be equal and some are late bloomers, be patient with your kid that isn’t getting it right as long as its not a terrible mental case that needs the hospital.

Stop having favorites among your kids to the point that they can do no wrong in your eye, you don’t correct them so they grow up into entitled adults. Let’s end this terrible cycle.

Let’s value all our kids and correct them in love, some parents are the reason why their children are traumatized and yet they wonder why they stopped coming home.

Can we normalize correcting our children with love instead of beating them like animals? Can we make our kids smile when they think about their childhood? Can we cherish the angels that God sent and will send to us?

I sincerely hope that the answers to the above questions is yes and if yes, welcome to a generation with less trauma.

Sending you love and light.

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