Based on popular demand, we have listed out fashion items that should either be worn the way it will make sense or be thrown away.

Chioma Jumbo Blog was in the streets to talk with both men and women to find out what items that should be thrown out the window and the answers with got was rather surprising.

Items such as biker’s short, skimpy gowns came up more than once because most people believe that biker’s shorts should remain an underwear and the way women wear then did nothing to help the dislike for this short.

According to one of the guys we spoke to, why wear biker’s short with a polo only to hang it so your buttocks can show?

It should remain an underwear.

I used to think that people loved seeing a lady in skimpy gowns no matter what time during the day, turns out that people prefer it when its is worn to dinners, birthday parties but no during the day.

Another young man wants women to do away with crop top and wear biker’s short to the swimming pool instead of exposing their bodies so much while swimming.

Some women want men to do away with face caps, one said the first time she met a certain guy, he had face cap on and the second time they went on a date, she struggled to recognize him because he is bald and looked different, a situation she described as awkward.


A lot men said that anklets pass the wrong massage about a lady so they should top wearing it because why dent your image because of a fashion item that does not add much to the over all look.

We could go on and on, tell us in the comment section what fashion item you want people to stop wearing.

Enjoy! Sending you love and light.


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