Hello there,

How are You today?

A quick question,

Do You want to get more Customers for your Products and Services in 2021?

I am sure You are wondering “What kind of question is that?, Sey this guy wan dey whyne Me ni?”.

I needed to ask because most of us say we want to get more Customers but we then go ahead and take actions that negate what we said we wanted.

In this article,

I want to show You 5 proven, “tested and trusted” ways to get New Customers while retaining your existing Customers.

Are You still with Me?


Before we dive into the business of the day, I will like us to examine the root cause of the problem.

Take 2 minutes and ask yourself this question

“Why have I not been getting New Customers?”

Or better still, why do people chat You up or call You, inquire about your Products and Services and then they say “I will get back to You” and they never get back to You.

Why do You think this is happening?

Let me give some few reasons,

  • Maybe they cannot afford the price of your services?
  • Maybe they don’t really like the product?
  • Maybe they don’t even like your face..LOL

All those are “MAYBES”.

The Oga Patapata of the reason is because, they are not ready to buy the product or service.

According to Sabri Suby, the author of Sell Like Crazy,

Out of 100% of your prospective Customers, only 3% of them are ready at the moment to purchase your Products

The pyramid below explains it better10 facts you need to know from Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby | by ACGoff | Medium

                                                                        Image Credit: https://acgoff.medium.com

As You can see from the Pyramid, only 3% are ready to swipe their cards immediately, the other 97% are at various levels of the pyramid.

What will determine whether they Make Up their Minds to Buy from You or not will depend on WHAT You tell them during their Inquiry period.

Now that You know the main reason people are not getting back to You like they promised they would, let us dive into the proven ways You can get more Customers this year.

1. Educate Them:

A lot of your Customers do not really know what your Product or Service is about, they probably saw your Advert or Post and decided to chat You up. 

The moment they chat You up or call You, it is now up to You to educate them further.

It is the information You provide during this period that will determine whether they will move into the top of the pyramid or remain at the level they are. 

How do You go about this?

Tell them the BENEFITS of your product, Not the FEATURES.

A lot of us are guilty of this. When people ask about your Product or Service, all You talk about is the Features. 

The features are great but “who feature epp?”, tell Me how your Product can be beneficial to Me.

Let me give You examples.

Don’t tell Me your TV has HDMI or runs on Android OS, I might not even know what HDMI means, instead, tell Me, I can connect my Laptop to the Television easily, tell Me I can Install the Netflix App on the TV and watch Netflix easily without any extra device.

Don’t tell a Parent your School has “Music Facilities”, Tell them their Kids will learn how to play the Piano or Guitar in less than 6 months if they are enrolled in the School.

Don’t tell an Obese person your Tea contains Polyphenol and Lotus Leaf, they don’t even know what those are, tell them how the ingredients of the Tea will help them LOSE 10KG in less than 1 Month.

Are You getting the point?

Whenever You are putting out adverts and posts about your Products and Services,

Whenever somebody reaches out to You to enquire about your Products and Service,

TELL THEM THE BENEFITS first, Features can come in later.

When they are SOLD on the Benefits, then You can now add that the device You are selling runs on Core i8, has 10GB or Ram, has 5 TB of Hard Disk Space and the likes.

That’s the first way to ensure You attract New Customers while retaining your Existing ones.

We Move!!!

2. Give them an Offer they cannot Resist

Let me ask You a very quick question,

Why do You think eCommerce Companies and Big Super Markets  like Shoprite and SPAR make massive sales during Black Friday?

Simple Answer, they give us offers we cannot resist (even when most times the offer is audio).

How does this work?

In your Business, Everyday should be “Black Friday”.

Always have a BONUS to give out..even if it is as basic as an extra product that costs 100 Naira.

You know why?

As Humans, our brains are wired by default to MAXIMIZE Value… You want to pay 1k and get value worth 5k.

Or have You not wondered why You go to Shoprite to buy a Bottle of Coke for 99.99 Naira when You can buy it 100 Naira outside? It was because your Brain say that You could save 0.01 Naira (LOL)…Most times You dont even get to collect those “savings”.

How do You apply this in your Business?


Whenever You put out an OFFER for You Product or Service, ALWAYS add an Extra Bonus.

Let me give You examples,

You sell Shoes?, tell them they will get a FREE Socks.

You sell TVs?, tell them they will get a FREE wall Bracket.

You run a School?, tell them they will get a FREE Uniform if they enroll their kids.

Are You getting the point?

The word FREE works magic in our Brains… 

Next time You have something for SALE, had something FREE to it and see the magic it does.

3. Let them have a Feel the Product or Service

Another question,

Why do You think Suya Men, give You a FREE tasting of Suya whenever You go by their stalls?

They want You to have a FEEL of the Product.

And most times, except the Suya is not good, You end up buying from them.

That is what Paul Foh calls the “Suya Man Strategy”.

Why do You think Car companies allow You to Test Drive Cars?

Some even give You up to a Month, 

Like take the Car for 1 month, Drive it, Carry your Family in it, Let’s see whether You will not Buy it.

How does this work?

For Physical Products, if possible let the Customer touch the Product, let them see how it works.

For Services, have them enjoy the service for sometime, then cut it off and ask them to make purchase.

P.S. This might not work for all kinds of people sha o. Some people can use your free service and still “muuuuve” once You cut of the service.

So use it decisively.

4. Add a Sense of Urgency

Procrastination is a major issue with most of us.

Most times, people want your product, they can afford it buy some how, they procrastinate.

Like I can always get it tomorrow or by weekend or next week.

It is your job as a Business person to help us make that decision fast.

How do You do this?

Add urgency.

Tell us only 5 pieces of the Product is left and it is selling out fast.

Tell us this price is only valid till tomorrow, after which the product goes to an higher price.

Add the FREE gift to a timeline e.g. If You buy this Car, You get a FREE servicing only if You buy before so so date.

You get the point?

Add some sense of scarcity and urgency to your offer.

5. A final way is to help them rationalize buying from You.

Let me break this one down,

You see people don’t really have plenty Money to throw around all their needs.

In basic economics, You learnt the concept of Opportunity Cost i.e. the Alternative forgone to enjoy a particular decision.

Let me explain,

Say I have 10,000 Naira with Me now,

I need to feed from that 10k,

I need to commute to and fro work,

Then, You come and say I should come and buy your product worth 8k or even the entire 10k.

The question is Why should I forgo Feeding and Commuting to buy your Product?

Can You help me rationalize or make sense of the decision?

For instance, if You tell me your 10k product can make Me 50k in 1 week, then maybe I can forgo the other alternatives and buy your product.

N.B You need to be civil and humane while making these kinds of promises.

Only make realistic promises.

Don’t Promise Me what I will not get so I can buy your product…. I go curse You ni..LOL.

So there You have it, 5 Proven ways to get more Customers in 2021.

Go ahead, practice, see the ones that work for You.

BTW, You can also use this strategies for your existing Customers… offer them Bonuses and FREEBIES if they buy a particular quantity of the existing products they buy or if they buy an additional new line of product or service. Don’t forget to add urgency and help them rationalize buying more.

I wish You all the best in your Business this year.

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