Girl to girl advice on this post.

1. Have a good bath morning and night

2. Use deodorants made for men then use feminine perfume and body spray.

3. Smell good all the time

4. After each period, drink a cleansing tea, preferably home made to keep your coochie fresh all the time.

5. Shave often, shave your pubic hair, I know somethings that you can do after shaving that will keep you as fresh as a baby. Chat me up

6. Upgrade your skin care routine Suavé Cosmetics does this for you with ease.
7. If it wouldn’t matter in one year, leave it alone. Unnecessary matters dey reduce steeze

8. Mind your business but stay informed and use the information with necessary. Nothing more beautiful than being way more powerful than you let on.

9. That thing that we hear about empty barrels is true, they make noise and taking them down is easy, they talk too much.

10. Be classy, keep your house clean, yea clean up everywhere one a week.

11. Learn how to do basic make up and know what suits your features.

12. Read, be in the know about what’s going on in the world, read dear, a beautiful gentle intelligent woman does it for me.


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