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Did you just land a new job and you are wondering how you can step into these big shoes. Feels like you woke up one morning and became a manager!

You prayed for promotion and it came so what’s left for you to do is to study the company if you have not been working there for a long time.

Your new job description shows everyone is to report to you and this is where you will begin to have issues if you don’t handle it well.

Yes. you may be more qualified but some of them have been there longer than you so you need to work with your team, not above them.

That way, they will become very comfortable with you and always show people what to do by leading the way.

Don’t just say “come in early” you need to be early to work too, lead by example.

Create a positive and inclusive work environment. I hate a work place where the manager plays favouritism, don’t do this.

Communicate goals, expectations and feedback.

“There must be a transparent link between all goals set throughout the organization, Goals must be set in agreement with team members.”

Coach your team members.

Effective managers coach by asking questions, empowering their team members to think deeply, and generate solutions, in turn, team members gain confidence and grow, and ultimately become amazing bosses themselves.

No one should remain in one position forever, team members should grow too.

Be conscious of what you do as leader and continue to grow your leadership skills. Read more books on leadership and attended more trainings.

I have worked in a toxic place where people derive pleasure in talking you down and making you feel like you will not be able to achieve anything in life.

That is terrible and i am going to be successful without them. I am off to a better tide. Life has been better.

Spread positive vibes and energy everywhere you go.

Sending you love and light!

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