Productivity is not working long hours. It’s all about time management. You have to be  smart about how you spend your time.

To be more productive, you have to set goals, create a plan, and use tools and techniques to help you get the most out of your work.

Stay away from distractions and stay focused on what’s important.


Do the following and you will become more productive.

Create a Plan

One of the most important is to set goals and create a plan. If you have a specific goal in mind, you will work towards it.

Planning what you need to get done and writing down a plan to accomplish it can improve productivity.


To achieve a set goal you need to think about these:

What you need to do

When you need to get it done (Time)

If your goal requires money, you need to know how much you need.

Select your goals and prioritize then create a schedule and stick to it.


Use tools to work smart

Use available  tools and techniques to help you get the work done. Always break down your goals into smaller tasks, and use a timer to keep yourself focused.

Taking short breaks in between will help to refresh your mind and you come back stronger.

Find a daily planner that works for you, whether a paper-based planner or an online website or app.


Take Care of Yourself

My mantra is “Self care is self love”

In order to be productive, taking care of yourself physically and mentally is of utmost importance.

Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods so you stay energised and focused throughout the day.


Fight Procrastination With All Thy Might

Procrastination is a habit that most dies so your productive self can live.

The first step is figuring out why you keep procrastinating. Some people put things off because they don’t know where to begin, while others do it because they have a low tolerance for boredom.


Just do it!


Ask for Help When You Need It

By all means, ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. Delegating some responsibilities will help you reach your goal faster.


You can’t do it all alone.


Say No When You Have To

Find ways  to eliminate unnecessary things that drain your time and energy.

I will round off by stating the characteristics of productive people


Productive People are:








Mentally tough


Care for themselves


Good at dealing with distractions

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