Self discovery is not an easy journey still one must embark on it to discover the best version of oneself. I had to do that myself, it involves praying, training, getting a mentor, working on your self confidence.

Have you noticed that kids are so confident and fearless, we must become like that in that aspect. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, it doesn’t matter who doesn’t believe in you. Just believe in yourself and others will come around later.

2018 and a good part of 2019 was very challenging, I had to start all over. It wasn’t fun but I still did what I had to do. Today, I am beginning to reap the fruit of my training and struggles. I went through a lot ooo.

First, you need to take a look at yourself and decide what you can flourish in, is it fashion, is it media, is it hair dressing? Just look inward and then look for a good place to learn. It doesn’t have to an expensive training center, you can start with someone who does what you love who lives around you.

People appreciate honest people in business so be open, say what you want.

I am learning how to collaborate with other people too. No man is an island. The kind of projects I have in mind now cannot be done by one person so I am calling and scheduling meetings.

Stay on track dear. I stayed on track and my confidence level became very high when I became good at what I had spent years to learn. You will get to that point if you will be patient.

Discover your true self and live a fulfilled fun life. Having in mind that we won’t be here forever should push you to be the very best in what you do.

Make strong impacts in your field and have your name written in the sands of time.

It’s the 11th month in 2021, may God give you an 11th hour blessing.

It’s my birth month and I am excited.


Sending you love and light.

Chioma cares.

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