Body and mouth odor will never be welcomed anywhere, the only reason why i won’t openly ask a person “Why are you smelling like this” is because i don’t want to come off as rude. If you are like me, any form of odor is a total turn off.

First of you need to go to the hospital and seek professional help but if you can’t afford to do that i am here for you, what are we friends for? This article does not involve vaginal odor please go to the hospital and treat infection, for now wash your underwear and eat lots of cloves and garlic. Make ginger, garlic, clove and turmeric to make tea and drink morning and night.

Back to body and mouth odor, get plenty lime and buy sponge, a good one and a good soap, after bathing in the bathroom, cut lime in half and use it to scrub your entire body, scrub from your head to your toes, lime contains acids that fight body odor.

Brush your teeth well and you don’t need to rinse it off, just wash the foam off your mouth, always have mint in your mouth or get a mouth spray.

Do these constantly and you will notice the difference within weeks. I know how having odor can affect your confidence and your relationship that’s why i decided to right about it to help. use lotions that are not sticky so you won’t sweat, also get a good perfume and endeavor to bath morning and night.

This is the year of positive change in every area so let’s clean up.

Take charge my friend, sending you love and light.

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