There is need to deal with childhood trauma or it will ruin your entire adulthood. You don’t like your personality or how you react to things, you want to change but you don’t how.

If this looks like your story, this article is for you. You need to take a look at how you grew up because a problem can never be solved unless you get to the root of the matter.

There are different kinds of trauma but today we are focusing on complex trauma as a result multiple traumatic experiences Adults who had difficult childhood, often experience difficulty in handling issues of life, adults who are people pleasers, who can do anything to be in a relationship even when they are being abused were abused in one way or the other while growing up.

Parents need to do better, decide today that your kids will have the affection you didn’t get from your parents. African parents especially Nigerian parents has a way of messing up their children’s mental health. They beat you so much at the slightest mistakes that you become scared to do anything for the fear of making mistakes.

As a result of some of the things i listed above, you walk on eggshell around people and sometimes you get really aggressive and these actions and reactions are far from how you want to be seen and perceived.

Here are the steps you can take to become free from these traumas.

Take a mental trip to your childhood and picture your ten year old self and hug that child that is crying within and tell that child that you are going to having an amazing life starting today.

Create boundaries, say no to things you don’t want, start speaking up unafraid of what people will say, stop trying to please everybody, you are not ice cream so not everyone will like you.

Confront those who made childhood difficult tell them how adulthood is difficult and would have been much better if they did their best to train you the right way. Family is not always everything, how can a family that won’t believe you when you bring an issue up and will do nothing about it till it causes more trouble.

You can love them from a distance so you can heal because people don’t change and they will give you more bad memory when you see them often.

Speak with someone, i mean go for real counselling and seek professional help and spend sometime alone to figure out what you really want.

Childhood trauma is not to be joked with because if you don’t deal with it, you will go through life without living your best life so i sincerely hope you find this article helpful.

I highly recommend Jesus. Pray and ask the healer himself to heal you and remove the effect of these traumas from you so you can achieve everything you were created for.

Express yourself, occupy space, take charge and within a few years you will notice a huge difference in your life. Forget what they did, focus on the beautiful things that are coming your way.

Sending you love and life and all the healing you need darling.

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