Most people can relate to overbearing family member who have unrealistic expectation of them and when you resist their expectations, they begin to act really silly.

Family used to be a place filled with peace and joy but unfortunately, a lot of people can’t remember that last time they had a good time with family.

They disrespect you, play favoritism, focus on anyone who makes makes more money and make demeaning comments about a family member that is still trying to figure things out.

Going through something like this can be tough, what makes it tough is because you don’t want to cut them off but you have to for the sake of your mental health.

Try talking things over with the people who are being disrespectful and see if they will adjust, if they keep making your feel you are a bad person for bringing it up, here is what you must do:

Keep Your Distance: Leave any table that has no respect on the menu, you are not under any obligation to attend family functions, stay at home and watch movies instead. If they insist on acting funny, do not visit and do not call them.

Be Direct: Tell them directly that their actions are not fine by you, talk about the issues, for instance, “I don’t like how you talk to me, i don’t like it when you make comments about my body, i love the way i am or I don’t like how you disrespected in the presence of people”

If they don’t see the pain they are causing you or even the pain they caused in the past and still behave like its nothing then you can go ahead and cut them off.

Set Boundaries: Respect my decisions and my private life or i will be forced to kick you out. Sometimes siblings become enemies, they visit you and become a spy just to get information for gossip or information to be used for quarrel. If i open my door and let you in and you mess up, i will not accommodate you again.

Don’t Try To Fix Them: It’s their loss when you move on and make no contact. Everyone is not supposed to agree on every issue but if you don’t know that you should apologize when you offend a person then you don’t deserve to be part of that person’s life.

Cut Ties: If associating with them brings you nothing but unrest and  yet another insult, why bother? Block them everywhere! You will never miss a toxic person. There is nothing good about having rude younger siblings and its even worse when they think they are wiser than you.

Use your wisdom and get another sister or brother then, you think you are wiser than someone who is one million miles ahead of you? So funny, whoever told you that deceived you so badly.

Family is not always those who share the same bloodline, family is someone who respects you, who doesn’t try to downplay your intelligence to feel better about his or herself, anyone who sees your value and encourages you is your family.

Forget blood, focus on actions. Forgive but never forget so that affliction will not arise a second time. Some of them wish you evil, listen to what they say during arguments and take it seriously.

If someone says “You will loose your job and become homeless” because they were being corrected then that person is not your sibling. They want you to be stranded and not do well because they feel you are not doing enough for them.

Cut them off for good and face your life, you will see how good you will feel when your enemies hiding as siblings no longer know anything about you.

What they don’t know, they can’t talk about.

If you have a good family, always thank God because your parents did a good job. Some only care about money and until you start sending money, you are a nobody. Cut them off. if they were not supportive in your trying time, they should not be there when you are finally okay.

Sending a hug, love and the brightest light.



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