Do you have a style or do you just wear whatever is available? Maybe you think of clothes as something that covers nakedness so it doesn’t have stylish or fancy as long as it is clean.

Being stylish comes with lots of perks, when you find your style you become stylish, i watched keeping up with the kardashians alot and it helped realize how looking good will always be good business. I don’t encourage cosmetic surgery but i love the fact that they look good all the time.

What you see and watch influences you and before the kardshians i read lots of fashion magazines and fashion still excites me and as a result of all these, i am so stylish and i am a fashion goddess, i look great whenever i step out and people often ask me for fashion advice which i will be giving out for free right now.

  • Start with taking care of your skin
  • You need to know your body type
  • Consider your outfits, take a good look at your wardrobe
  • Remove any item that won’t look good on the new you
  • Thrift stores are there if you can’t afford new clothes
  • Choose great colors, wear colors that are great on you.
  • Everyone should have orange, black, white and black outfits
  • Accessorize dear, a little necklace, a shiny bracelet, a good earring can upgrade an outfit.
  • Be confident and smell good. You need to get a good perfume, body spray, roll on, just smell fresh.
  • Overtime, you can have a signature piece that you throw on before you step out. It could be a scarf, it could be broach.

Personally, i plan getting lots of scarfs and signature broaches, it can already imagine how good it will look on almost all my outfits. Keep evolving till you find the best you.

Sending you lots of love and light.

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