Ugba has lot of health benefits. It is natural, has lots of vitamins and help in the production of blood in the body.

  1. It lowers the cholesterol level – Ugba is a rich sources of saponins that have been proven effective for the reducing the plasma cholesterol.
  2. Possess alkaloids with antibacterial properties against certain infectious bacterial.
  3. It helps to prevent and lower the chances of developing cataracts.
  4. Increased intake of this food increases hemoglobin value. It increases oxygenation of tissue to enhance specific hormones that stimulate the production of red blood cells important in proper cardiac function.
  5. Daily consumption one spoon of the mixture of the liquid of the fermented seed with honey can solve the problem of insomnia.
  6. It has both preventive and curative ability to heart failure.
  7. It corrects epilepsy – a neurological disorder not immediately but with two or three years.

Ugba can be eaten alone or mixed with Abacha

Ingredients for Ugba

  • 3 handfuls ugba
  • ½ cup red palm oil
  • 1 pepper (Ose oyibo)
  • 1 teaspoon powdered edible potash (alternative: baking soda)
  • 1 big stock cube
  • ½ teaspoon ogiri Igbo
  • 2 big pieces of kponmo
  • 1 big cut stockfish
  • 2 tablespoons ground crayfish
  • 10 medium crayfish
  • Salt (to taste)

For serving:

  • 1 red onion
  • 1 small bunch of garden egg leaves (akwúkwó añara)
  • 1 chunk of stockfish or dry fish (optional)

Wash all the ingredients very well before use, wash you kponmo with hot water and salt to remove sand and other particles.

Directions for preparing the Ugba

  1. Pour the palm oil in a pot. This is done off the stove. But if you need to melt the red palm oil, you can melt it and take off the stove once the palm oil melts.
  2. Stir the edible potash solution or the baking soda solution then slowly pour into the palm oil while stirring at the same time. You will notice the palm oil slowly turn yellow and curdle (become thicker).
  3. Add the ogiri Igbo to one corner of the pot/pan and dissolve it with your spatula.
  4. Add the ground crayfish, the pieces of medium crayfish, the pieces of stockfish and ponmo then stir till everything is combined. If using smoked fish, add it now before stirring.
  5. Transfer the pot/pan to a stove and set the heat to medium.
  6. Add the ugba/ukpaka, sliced habanero pepper and the stock from cooking the stockfish and ponmo.
  7. Continue stirring till everything is combined and once it heats up, add salt to your taste, stir again and take it off the stove.
  8. That’s it!

Serve with the sliced garden egg leaves and onions. Serve with chilled Palm Wine, Guinness Stout or any other chilled drink if you do not drink alcohol.

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