Men want submissive women, this is an established fact but how many men have the kind of trait that a woman will like to submit to?

You can’t use the same text book for junior and senior class so why compare your mother to modern day woman? Things have changed dear and so should you.

Your desire to have a submissive woman is understandable but it doesn’t come cheap these day, so what can you do?

Support her goal: A lot of men are threatened by the idea of a woman having her own money, you should be grateful that you have a resourceful woman, one that will show your daughters that a woman can be more.

Appreciate her: The same way we read a love text massage all over again is the same way your sweet word replay in our heads. Tell her she’s beautiful and watch her blush, take her out, hug her if you suspect that she is stressed. I love that forehead kiss.

Get involved: Don’t seat on the fence dear. ask her questions that shows you want to be part of every part of her like, what do you like most about your job? Any challenges? Make her understand that you will always be there for her.

Make love to her: Foreplay is essential, make her scream your name. Make her feel like a woman, ask her how she wants it, where she wants to be touched, what she enjoys the most and so on.

Never compare her to other women: Why would anyone compare anyone with anyone? Not to mention a woman who you should be there fore even if the world is falling down. We are all a work in progress, focus on your woman.

A happy woman will not only be submissive to you, she will adore you and dream of you even when you are not there. You become her “Daddy”

If you want submissive woman you must be able to lead, are you a good leader? Are you a good man? Are you loving and supportive?

A good woman deserves to be adored. Do the above and watch your woman submit to you.

Sending you love and light.

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