Time is of the essence at very point in time, especially when you are a young mom and you have little humans depending on you to protect them.

See a parent, the only choice you have is to take care of your children and protect them because if you don’t, you will have yourself to blame later in life.

I wish you knew how many predators are out there and some of them are family members, these predators abuse these little kids and leave them with everlasting traumas and nightmares.

I don’t know why parents don’t pay attention to kids until its too late, i know some kids make up stories but even at that, a parent should find why his/her child is making up stories.

Under your roof, people are playing with your child’s private part and when the child is bold enough to tell you, you don’t believe him or her. This abuse, both verbal and physical goes on for many years under your nose and you do nothing about it.

I have met so many adults whose virginity were taken by elders around them, these people were supposed to protect them but they traumatized these kids and now as adults, they are struggling to heal.

Start with marrying a good man or woman and be a good person yourself.

Discuss with your kids all the time, your kids are supposed to be your entire world so why not give them attention? Take everything they say seriously and act accordingly.

Do not have a favorite or be unbiased when you discuss with them or trying to look into an issues as heavy as abuse, some elder brother are made in hell, they believe they can get away with anything. It shouldn’t be this way, you will regret it as a parent.

Be protective over your kids and make sure everyone around knows you will do anything to protect them, that way they will think twice before targeting your kids.

These predators are also online, chatting teenagers up and sparking their curiosity and if you are the kind of parent that your child can’t tell everything, one day they will go out to see a total stranger and a lot can go wrong from there.

What kind of offer have i not seen inbox from both men and women?

If you mess with my child, the things i will do to you will be censored by blogs and magazines because it will be crazy and nothing will happen, all these fifty year old uncles that dis-flower kids both male and female, you are lucky you’ve not met someone like me.

Be open to your kids, make it fun to spend time with you. some kids run inside when they see  their fathers coming instead of running outside to embrace him, they will run even more when they grow up.

They will stop coming home for Christmas or even Easter because they are busy creating good memories now and you can’t keep the people who gave you trauma too close for the sake of your mental health.

See training your kids as creating memories, what kind of memories are you creating? Some adults are always home sick because home is so lovely and peaceful.

While some don’t want to go home for any reason because, no one will like to use the little time they have to rest before work or business resumes to fight.

To the single ladies and guys, be careful who you marry and when you marry a good person, go ahead and build a beautiful home where love will lead the way.

Sending you love and light.


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