A messy divorce can mess up your life if care is not taken. It’s not easy to have your dreams crashed, you planned to spend the rest of your life with this person but it turned out otherwise.

Do you dwell on it or move on? I will choose the later and you should too. Your life must not end because your marriage ended.

It’s hard. I have been through something close to that myself but look at me now. Glowing and shinning in the lord.

Life is beautiful so it’s time to enjoy those beautiful things but before then, you have to heal.

None of us can do without a support system in a time like this

Recognize your support network. If it’s not strong enough, build it up. The truth is when you get divorced, most of your old friends run.

They’re no longer thrilled to have you in their house and this will always happen.

At this point, there is a possibility that you are going through the hassles of having custody of the kids so you need a strong support system.

Emotional support helps people navigate the initially painful hurdles of divorce.

The importance of shoring up assistance for practical purposes post-divorce cannot be overstated, you gotta speak with people with similar experiences.

Redefine Yourself

Going through a divorce means no longer being part of a couple, a reality that can come as a relief or a frightening prospect. “For the person who sees him or herself as multifaceted, it’s generally a lot easier. But if someone has been nothing but a spouse and saw that as the most important role, it can be pretty crushing.

Exploring untapped interests can be both a place to positively let go of the grief brought on by divorce and a way to redefine yourself.

Minimize the Impact on Kids

You have to make conscious efforts to keep the pain away from your kids by keeping things as amicable as possible.

I know you’re dealing with a lot of grief and personal feelings. But always avoid criticizing the other parent in front of the children.

If you put your kids in the middle, it’s a short gain with a long loss.

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