I have to state clearly that pulling of a crop top as a chubby girl requires some trick. I say often that you owe no one perfection but you owe it to yourself to look great.

You can have folds here and there and rock your crop top, the trick is to wear a high waisted pant and pair it with a crop top that’s a little bigger than your normal size.

If you have extra fold like a protruding tommy, there are ways that you look good when you wear a crop top.

Invest in a good waist trainer, that way you can wear your waist trainer then water a singlet that’s almost your skin colour.

If you can light skinned, go for a gold coloured skin singlet, if you a dark, go for a brown singlet. This is make you achieve the exact look that you want.

Wear your waist trainer, then your singlet, put on your high waisted pant and put on the crop top.

I can already imagine how good you look. See, anyone can look good. You just need to take care of your body, skin and figure out ways to rock your outfits.

Be intentional about your looks.

People judge you by how you look even before you talk. Represent yourself well.

Sending you love and light.

Do leave your thoughts or more tips on the comment section.

I love you


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