Drake recently found out that he is 30 percent Nigerian, higher than that of other African countries and he is excited about it. The young man is on his way to finding his roots. I always knew that there is something Nigerian about Drake and he looks Igbo sef.

This got me thinking, what if all the blacks living in other countries as a result of slave trade that happened many years ago decides to find their roots and make their roots better and start identifying as one of them, maybe come back twice or once a year for Christmas, Easter or New year?

Just what if? Imagination wan kill me but everything we now enjoy was once a figment of someone’s imagination. I wish all the black Americans will find their origin and families in Africa and unite with them. Who knows, Beyonce could be my cousin and my life can become a fairy tale if that happens.

Away from Drake, it’s important to know your roots and decide if you want to be part of them or not but by all means know your roots, you only have one. Only women have something close to recreating their roots through marriage.

I know where I am from, I know my culture and I hope everyone can have that, that’s why I am somewhat against the trend of women just having kids without the proper things being done, first of all, children born out of wedlock are made to feel less than those born in a proper home.

The possibility that they will never be fully accepted by the man’s family unless he marries you is there and if he marries another woman, your child will become even more unfortunate because most women don’t like love kids around their homes and will do anything to keep them away.

We must give our kids a solid root and a clear foundation, thank God slave trade has been abolished, and at least it is now a crime to do such so your child should not be in the same position as blacks abroad still hoping to find their root.

There is need to sanitize the society, there is need to think long and hard before bringing a child into this world, a child is a blessing but imagine walking the face of the earth without knowing where you are from or who your father is. It’s difficult to say the least, everyone deserves to know where he or she is from.

That’s why I am happy for Drake Kalu, my Abia brother, he even looks like me a bit. I should reach out to him.

Roots, Culture, Tradition, Our people, the world! I am on the last stage, I am conquering the world and I will succeed. I wish you all the best in the beautiful world of ours.

Sending you love and light.





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