Inside Enugu state: activities at Okpara square

You just can’t miss Okpara square when you spend sometime in Enugu State, The space is massive and well taken care of. When i was a child, i celebrated every 27th may at Okpara square.

So many activities organized by different schools for their pupils, it is usually a time to showcase the different talent of student.

Political parties and other groups also hold meeting there but over time, people living in Enugu state started going there to exercise, what used be 50 persons grew into thousands.

When you take a good look at the environment, you will see why they choose that spot for exercise.

Chioma Jumbo Blog was there on Saturday to find out why people go there as the numbers are increasing on a daily basis, Michael Williams said Okpara square serves as a converging area where you can come and exercise without limits.

Igwe Pure who sells fruits and healthy beverages commended the activities at the Okpara Square because it is good for people to come together and exercize.

She further explained that she is able to sell a lot because of the huge number of people that come out to exercise.

Chinwa Onyekem sell bottled water at Okpara square, she noted that it is necessary for someone who is exercising to drink lots of water, adding that the experience has been a bliss full one because she sells lots of water before the day is over.

Kajeta pointed out that seeing a lot of people exercising motivates him to exercise, he also said that he has met lots of people because Okpara square is also a good place top network.

Chioma Jumbo Blog also spoke to Ifeanyi who is a seasoned banker in Enugu state, he disclosed that fitness is the main essence of working out and Okpara square offers the much needed motivation to exercise.

Ifeanyi also said that some people come here to show off, join clubs or to just meet him.

Ogochukwu is from Anambra and lives in Enugu state, She sell sports wear and kids clothing, she told Chioma Jumbo Blog that Enugu is cool and safe, stating that wearing the right sports outfit is necessary.

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