No one is responsible for your happiness, being in good spirits is entirely up to you. A person can contribute to your happiness but can never be the only reason why you are happy.

Be optimistic: I am a very positive person, no matter what the situation is, i focus on the fact that everything will be fine again and i am usually right about that. To be in a bad situation and being negative about it can make you a bitter person.

Connect with happy people: If you spend time with happy people or a close friend who is always happy, it increases the likelihood that you’ll feel happier by 15 percent. Also living in a happy environment will increase your happiness by 6 percent.

in other words, avoid the unfortunate, energy is contagious.

Do what you love for a living: It goes without saying that what you spend time doing should bring you happiness. Imaging doing 9-5 at a place that brings you nothing but sadness.

Imagine doing a business that has the tendency to give you a high blood pressure because its stressful but you keep doing it because it pays the bill.

The quality of life for someone who loves what they do for a living and yours can never be the same so its time to break that cycle. Break it before it breaks you.

Music: I noticed that starting my day with my favorite songs make me really happy and my mood is always bright when i sing along while bathing and getting ready to go out. When you wake up, pray and play great songs to kick start your day.

Music is a great stress reliever, explore that. I can recommend a few songs, if you want a great play list, let me know in the comment section and i will see what i can do.

Dress well: “you are so beautiful” will always brighten my day. I love compliments and i can’t help admiring how beautiful i look when i am all dressed. Dress how you want to feel. Wear colors that suits you.

Marriage: Love is a beautiful thing. When you marry the right person you will understand why the bible said that one will chase one thousand but two will chase ten thousand. Marriage to the right person is pure joy, asin enjoyment.

What’s better than coming home to an amazing partner in love? Nothing ooo. Someone to share everything with. We must endeavor to get this part of our life right or we will have regrets.

Do all you can to stay happy and in good spirits. Remember that laughter remains the best medicine and “Stop and smell the roses” is still good advice.

Sending you love and light!

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