Let’s talk about late bloomers and why it is not such a bad thing.  A late bloomer is a person who become successful or more attractive much later than others.

It feels like everyone else is doing better than you, you are not even lazy and have tried out lots of things but none has clicked so far and this is when depression sets in.

Do not be depressed or dismayed or entertain the thought that you may never make it. Delay can never be denial, its just a matter of time and chance.

I bring some good news for late bloomers, see when one or two of your hustle clicks, you will become so successful that you will forget that it took a while for you to get there.

This is usually because you have experience in different fields and now they are handy, you have a better understanding of exactly what you want.

In relationships, you make better choices because moving with the wrong people can mar your chances of being successful and experience has taught you this.

In marriage you choose the right partner because you didn’t come this far to make silly mistakes, you now know not to condone any form of abuse because you know what is good for you. On;y experience and maturity can make you this bold and being a late bloomer, you are well equipped.

Never compare your life with another person’s life because you know what you have been through, you need to continue getting better and better at what you do. It might interest you to know that so many billionaires are late bloomers.

Harrison Ford was a mechanic till 30, i can almost imagine how he may have doubted himself at some point but he stayed on his job and perfected it so much that he started building cars and the rest they say is history.

I could name a few billionaires that were late bloomers but for the want of time, i will end by saying that late bloomers are almost never late. You will still achieve everything you want if you stay focused.

Bigger mansions take longer time to build. Always remember that.

Sending you love and light.


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