Hair Colour

The hair is the crown of the woman so we have to take very good care of it. Rocking a hairstyle that compliments the structure of your face and skin color has a way of making you so attractive.

Having the right Hair Color takes your from the cool girl next door to a diva, Red carpet ready. As a woman getting lots of compliments boosts our self confidence and these colors will sure get so many compliments.

As for me, I won’t be making black or brown hair color till next year, this will give me enough time to explore all the colors i have in mind.

No matter how dressed up you are, if your hair ain’t right, you won’t look good. However, with a great hair, you can wear the simplest outfit and still look amazing.

Recently i noticed that i want more colour, like i have only worn about 3 to 4 colours on my hair when i can try 20 more. Right now my hair color is gray and i am loving it! Blue is next!

It feels like an adventure and i don’t want it to stop.

This is is part of exploring life, we can’t keep doing the same thing.

Here is a few hair color that i wanna try so let’s go on this adventure together. You might find that other colors compliment you more that what you are used to.

Hair Colour

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