Mornings routines are just as important as the tasks lined up for you to do. The right mood can help you complete your task, the way you feel affects everything so let’s make morning routines a thing and stick to it.

Everyone who has met me has certain impressions about me, Chioma’s self confidence is top notch and she is really happy. They are right and i must say that my morning routines help me a lot.

Once i open my eyes every morning even before i move a muscles, i start thanking God for yet another day and then i reach out for my phone, connect to my speaker and play my favorite worship songs.

I dance and praise God and then i face my mirror and speak success into my life. I shall prosper, i am the gift of God, God is doing wonders in my life, i am enough, i am a child of God therefore i shall not lack.

I declare my day open and go one to stretch to maintain a good posture, all these happen while i hum to my favorite songs, my morning routines are a blessing to me.

Today i decided to share my morning routine that has helped me to stay happy and hopeful for greater things to come, i always sings even on my way out of the house, my mood is lit and i already know my day will be awesome.

I’ve been doing this for a while and it has helped me a lot, dancing is a form of exercise and the only exercise i do well so i am not going to stop dancing every morning. Words of affirmation are a must, you must speak into your future, you must declare and decree over your life every morning.

Believe me when i say i am always in a good mood, i mean 90% of the time and i plan to rub off on my kids and everyone around me. Play your favorite songs every morning and and dance while you get ready to go about your business.

Enjoy your life dear, no need to be moody all the time. Worry does not solve problems, they make it worse.

Be solution minded in your approach to life and everything will be fine and don’t forget to drink water and mind the business that pays you.

Sending you love and life.

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