Quality denim

A good pair of jeans go with everything, what’s more? When you are in a hurry, you can always grab your jean and a good T-shirt and you are good to go.

Little black, red or white dress

Dates night are fun with little, beautiful dressing paired with a great heel. It makes your legs longer and if you’ve got great skin, feel free to show off alittle.

 A good bra

Bra whether you believe it or not affects the way your boobs look on your outfits, buy a good. Package your boobs well because gravity is not kind.

Sunglasses for your face shape

There is something classy about a woman that knows how to rock her sunglasses. Apart from protecting your eyes, you can also use sun glasses to make a fashion statement.

Leggings that feel like second skin

A high waist legging goes well with tank tops. It gives you curves when it’s not even there and for curvy women, it will make your curves more pronounced.

A black blazer

Get a good one, it is classy and goes with everything.

The perfect white T-shirt

I love white T-shirts on jeans. That look never gets old

A black shoe and bag

This is as important as a black bra. make sure they are comfortable.

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