This is the first time i am writing on this topic and funny enough i talk about this a lot. Money is not the only reason why people fade away.

I know a few girls who used to be fine but somehow they managed to let life experiences affect how they now look. This hurts me. My heart can’t take it, every woman want to remain beautiful and feel beautiful at all times.

As a young woman in the beauty industry, i hear a lot of things. I have lots of clients so i know how looking good makes a woman feel.

Why do women fade prematurely? You let yourself look like what you’ve been through and it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Let’s get into how i take care of myself. i am a woman who gets lots of compliments from both men and women. my glow up is crazy. Each time i run into a former course mate, they wonder how i am able to take care of myself.

Do the following, not only will you become happier, your youthful look will begin to come back.

1: Detox

Not that one, i am coming to that. Right now i am talking about removing toxic and narcissist people from your life. The kind of people you spend time with will always affect you. it will always rub off on you!

Remove them because your mental health matters or do you want to become mad. No job is worth your happiness unless the pay can take you and your loved ones to Dubai twice a year for holiday.

2: Reward yourself

Baby, i have practiced this for years. When you are improving every day and meeting goals you set for yourself, what do you do? For me, i buy something that i have been craving to give myself that pat on the back “Fine baby girl, you are doing well”

It could be a handbag, it could be sharwama, it could be hanging out with my boo and getting all cozy you know. just do whatever works for you. You won’t believe how far this single self love goes in taking stress away.

3: Take care of your skin

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be expensive. I am sure a lot of you know that i run a successful skin care line. My products are pocket friendly and they work just fine. so amazing!! You can call me on 08138217895 so i can give you the best products for your skin.

You have use skin care products with no harmful chemical. I love vitamin E, Neem oil, glycerin and Rose water alot and i used a generous amount of other natural essential oil in my formulation.

I am your best bet, trust me.

4: Drink water

Just drink lots of water. it helps in cleaning your system. drink water baby and take lots of fruits.

5: Meditate

surround yourself with positive energy. i use incense with strawberry fragrance, i love how inhaling incense makes me feel. Now sit down on the floor and see yourself in five years, living in that big house in Canada. See your future kids, your handsome supportive husband and your successful career.

6: Pray

Hand everything you saw during your meditation into God’s hands and watch him do wonders in your life. AAAh!!! I have cried and called on God and he answered me.

Do this and see how relieved you will become and this will go a long way in improving your appearance. those premature fine lines on your face will disappear.

NB This is my content, its original so If i see it anywhere without acknowledgment, i will sue. Can’t be writing at almost mid night for you to copy and paste.,

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