The organizers of the National Indigenous Royal Award (NIRA) held a press conference was held on Thursday to inform newsmen about the upcoming event as well as the aim of the event.

The brain behind NIRA, Henry A Ogwudu while speaking to newsmen said NIRA will be used as a medium to appreciate the royal fathers for the efforts because they have gone a long way to make our nation better today, adding that traditional rulers play major roles in the judicial system and thereby ensuring peace and justice in the nation. 

Unfortunately, the Nigeria as a nation hasn’t done much to appreciate their traditional rulers which is why NIRA is here to bridge the gap. Those who lost their live trying to make the nation a better place should be recognize as heroes.Appreciating our traditional rulers will give them more strength to foster their traditional responsibilities.

Speaking on the Criteria for choosing who to honor, Ogwudu said inquiries will be made and other yard sticks will used to decide which traditional ruler that has performed well. A traditional ruler who is a leader, a peace maker, a man of the people and then the selected once will be awarded.

One of the stakeholders of NIRA, Prince Ugwuozor Charles who also spoke at the conference stated that appreciating our traditional rulers will give them more strength to foster their traditional responsibilities.

Another speaker, Wordshot Amechi, Said he is “wowed” by the brain behind the NIRA award because it is not easy to bring dreams to reality. He went on to describe the award as a genius ideas because of its originality, values and impact it will have on traditional rulers.

He pointed out the traditional rulers are in touch with the people and are stakeholders who are doing all they can to solve the problems facing the people.

Amechi also said that traditional ruler as rarely corrupt because of what the “Ofor” represents in Igbo land.

Speaking on awarding those who work with the Igwe’s to make sure they are outstanding, the organizer said he will consider appreciating those working closely with the Igwe’s who have performed well.

NIRA is new but the organizers have been in the award and pageant scene for a long. According to them, it is going to be a annual event so outstanding traditional rulers can be appreciated.

The main event will hold by the end of the year and we are so excited!!

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