Let me start by saying that what we see and hear all the time affects what happens in our lives. Its time to take control of what you see and the kind of people you keep around you.

We pick up habits and some of them are unhealthy so this year we will make changes that will become permanent but it won’t so easy if you don’t control who and who you spend time with.

You see dear, you won’t be able to quit smoking if you continue to hang around friends who smoke all the time, you have to take a break from them.

I am going to admit this here because i am only human after all, i had challenges with cleaning my house at some point, i was so busy but coming back to an unkempt house stressed me out a lot, i wanted clean my house every morning but i have to rush to work and i was trying to grow my skincare business.

I was stressed and i knew i needed help. Thankfully i got a two day shift on radio and i had more time, then i started following Instagram pages where i watch people organizing and cleaning their spaces, making healthy meals and dressing really cute when they step out.

I look around my house while watching these videos and then something magical happened, the zeal to clean entered my spirit and i started cleaning my space, washing my plates before i go to bed, sweeping and cleaning my apartment and throwing the dirt out.

Opening my windows for ventilation, i also went out and got air fresheners and i now wash my bed sheets once in two weeks, i looked out for more pages online where i can watch more videos on decoration and now, my home feels heavenly.

HOME SWEET HOME, that’s how i feel when i come back from my shift on radio or whenever i go out. In order to make changes and create healthy habits, be it at the office, school or in business, you need to fill your mind and spirit with what you plan to make a part of you, your routine.

Listen to the right people, Change your circle, Nothing wrong with asking for help, i found mine online. Watch videos on the habits you want, you will definitely get one or two tips that will help you achieve it.

Be on the good part part of the internet, not everyday porn, watching Netflix or worse, dragging people online. Catch cruise all you want but focus on what’s more important.

You can’t say you want a great skin and you want to know how to take care of your skin yet you have not called suave cosmetics on 08138217895. Let’s create a routine for your skin that will become a habit overtime.

You wanna learn how to make great meals, follow cooking pages or chefs, feed your mind! These pages will give you all the motivation you need.

I repeat, be on the right side of the internet.

Sending you love and light.

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