I Just Incase you have forgotten what we go to church to do, I am here to remind you that we go to church to pray and worship God.

What’s with the mode of dressing people wear to church these days? The church is a sacred place, why can’t you honor your Heavenly Father?

I have attended many churches, and I can safely say the major fashion crimes are carried out in the Church.

If you’ve been told that God doesn’t care about what we wear to the church, that He only cares about our hearts, and what we wear is never an expression of our hearts – you certainly need a rethink. 

The first thing that should come to our mind before dressing to the Church is modesty – without any intention of dressing to deceive or for sexual attraction. If you cannot wear a tank top to your office on Monday morning or a maxi dress to a club, then they’re also things you shouldn’t wear to the church.

Men do pretty well when it comes to church and business environments, but if you’re not properly dressed, you’d be responsible for his soul if your style of dressing eventually avert him from the sight of the creator.

Do not wear a tank top to church

Even if you wear a blazer cover it a little, it’s still not acceptable, the sight of a beautiful woman’s navel in church can unsettle any man.

Mini Dress/ Skirt

My only questions is why? How can you be comfortable wearing something really short to church. Some of you can’t even wear mini skirt to your family house but you wear it to church.

Off should outfits

I’ve seen really low off should dresses in church. If you are endowed like me in that area biko do not do this! Why blind men and distract the pastor.

To make matters worse, some will even apply groundnut oil so the boobs and shoulders will be shining. Causes men to sin even in church.


Their bum bum and all the curves will just be outside. You are supposed to dress gracefully to church. Now we have to deal with the V shape in between you legs. The men will end just collecting numbers because list has entered!

A friend once told me that he has slept with a lot of girls in church and had to change church the moment he got married.

Tomorrow is Sunday ooo, be mindful of what you wear to church.

Sending you lots of love and light!

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