Sex is amazing, beautiful, it’s almost like a glue in some relationships; holding couples together.

However, alot of people assume that they already know what their partners want and this is so wrong because people are different and have different need. Some of the questions i am suggesting on this post are quite sensitive.

What i love about couples being open to eachother is that it brings the two of you closer together and ensure that both of you are perfectly satisfied in the bedroom.

Sexual Health

This is a warning, not writing this to make you feel but how could you fuck someone without protection when you haven’t gone to the hospital with the person to be sure it’s safe to do that.

No wonder HIV is on the rise. You gotta be careful so if you and a special someone have officially reached the point where you’ve acknowledged a mutual attraction, it’s also a good time to have the sexual health talk. Yes, sexual health, AIDs, and STIs are serious topics.

The conversation has to be serious and somber and non-threatening so that both of you remain comfortable instead.

You can start with “Babe i got tested for HIV and STI last week, have thought about doing that? when was the last time you got tested

Sexual Commitment

Although it seems as if this is one of the first sex-related conversations a couple would have, you’d be surprised how many never even think to bring it up until it becomes a problem. People tend to assume that if they’re interested in a fully committed, monogamous relationship that the other person is too. On the flip side, those that are looking for a no-strings-attached, casual fling tend to take it for granted that’s what all relationships are until the two people involved sit down and definitively decide otherwise.

Don’t simply assume. Be up front and honest about what type of relationship you’re really looking for. Are you ultimately interested in something more serious or do you like keeping things casual? Do you want to be friends with benefits or are there more serious feelings involved? Do you prefer non-monogamous relationships, even if you are interested in a commitment?

Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

Discussing what really gets both of you going in the bedroom can be tough or uncomfortable, but it’s ultimately a talk you’ll both be glad you had. Sex with a partner that knows exactly how to touch you and that you know exactly how to please in return is way too good to miss out on! It’s helpful to know what moves not to make with a given partner as well.

Don’t make the mistake of having this discussion while you’re actually being intimate though, especially the part about sexual turn-offs. People are too vulnerable right there in the moment, making it really easy for well-meaning requests or feedback to be taken the wrong way. It’s a lot better to simply bring the topic up some other time.

Frequency and Sex Drive

If one partner wants it twice a day while the other would be fine with twice a month, problems are bound to arise sooner or later. The partner that wants it more often can feel frustrated by what seems like their partner’s lack of attraction to them.

Experts recommend sharing an intimate experience at least twice a week, but ultimately you and your partner should choose whatever frequency works for the both of you.

Turn sex nights into rituals you both look forward to for various reasons. Make them part of whole romantic evenings that include dates, delicious dinners prepared at home, or anything else you both enjoy. Ma


While it’s fine for sexual fantasies to simply be delicious secrets you keep to yourself, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of also sharing them with your partner. It also gives that special someone the opportunity to plan a really nice surprise for you in the future.

After agreeing that neither of you will pass judgment on the other, each person should sit down and craft a list of desires and fantasy acts they’d be open to trying in reality.

When a fantancy is not alright for your partner, you can make changes, For instance, let’s say one of you absolutely loves the idea of having sex in very public places and the other doesn’t. What about getting busy on the balcony or porch under cover of darkness instead?


Although it’s fine if you and your partner prefer to keep solo play off the table as far as discussion topics, learning to treat it like the normal, healthy thing that it is might be a better idea. You’ll never have to worry about the possibility of your partner having a meltdown if they accidentally stumble on your vibrator or accidentally walk in while you’re giving yourself a hand.

Be open to your partner, get the know eachother intimatly. Don’t hide what you want and how you want it.

Sending you real love, understanding and toe curling orgasms!!!

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