Rules in relationships are supposed to be based on common sense but a lot of people lost it because of how they grew so now you have to discuss it so you and your partner can be on the same page.

These rules will help you to focus on what’s more important, a relationship that could lead to marriage and the kind of family you want to build.

If all you need is a one night stand, a man to pay your bills or a woman to pass time with, this article is not for you at all. I am here for those who want a fulfilling relationship.

Now let’s begin:

  • You must be honest, why lie to someone you care about?
  • No secrets, be as open as you can, let out any secret that will come back to hunt you or your partner tomorrow.
  • Never go to bed with unresolved issues, talk things over, you are supposed to be friends.
  • Apologize when you are wrong and remember that you don’t have to win every argument.
  • Never invite stranger to help you solve your differences, if you can’t discuss and thrash things out then you are not compatible at all.
  • Communicate many times daily, how am i your partner if we don’t know what’s going on in each other’s lives. You are a team!
  • Have boundaries, no one should be closer to your partner than you, no besties, no nosy neighbors and all  friendly chit chats with colleagues ends at work.

In order to create a loving relationship and the kind of family we want, there should be rules. Imagine the world with rules, laws or consequences.

Imagine how crazy the world would be without commandments or the bible. Relationships should have rules and its for your own good, you afford the anyhowness that goes on in the world believe me.

Let’s do this the right way so we can have the heaven on earth we all dream of, yes, it can be achieved.

Sending you love and light!


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