The society expects a lot from us and the pressure to meet all the expectations is the reason why people make mistakes.

Ladies are expected to marry at a certain age and when that does not happen, even a total stranger can stop on the road and ask “why are you still single”.

It’s terrible and someone without a thick skin will go into depression and then rush into marriage to avoid the pressure.

Men are expected to make money and carter for people around them, no one cares about them. The real value of a man starts showing when he makes money.

That’s when people starts to value him and those who are no so lucky will become inferior, they are treated like bad lucks.

Societal pressure does more harm than good, every man wants to make it and show off and that’s why women, children as well as men are being used for rituals.

Does it have to be so? Hell no! Do you have to flow with the society or move at your own pace? I will choose the later if i were you.

I am single, working and i am getting to a good place in my life, the society say ” you are doing well ooo but you need a man so that you can be respected”

people are already going through a lot, why the pressure? You make Adaobi rush into marrying Chukwudi and then Chukwudi knowing how the society will treat Adaobi if she ever leaves him, starts to maltreat her.

Adaobi’s mother tells her that marriage is not perfect so she must endure and in no time, her corpse was sent to her parents, she died from severe beating. This is the story of some many women who are 6fts below.

The kind of crazy on Social media these day has been adding to the pressure but you my friend should focus on your life, nothing is exactly how it looks.

Did you see the recent video of AKA, the South African artist charging at his girlfriend, the lady is dead now. The video showed that she went through hell in that relationship.

She didn’t move on on time so she was moved to the mortuary. Don’t let this be your story.

Guys, stand up against anyone that tries to put pressure on you. Keep doing your best. Rome was not built in a day so don’t get discouraged.

The society will adapt. Be cool with yourself and the progress you are making. Be you.

You are perfect, Beautiful and wonderfully made. Smell the roses, smile, fall in love with the right one, enjoy life.

Sending you love and light.

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