Sundays are beautiful! Sundays in an African home is a day we look forward to. Everyone will be home after church service, hot rice and stew with plenty meat.

Sleep, game night before light out at 10pm. We all looked forward to Sunday but what we didn’t know is that our parents took out time to plan things out so we can have a great Sundays.

As an adult, my weekend is a time for me to review the week, note what worked and discard what didn’t work and put new strategies in place.

To achieve my goals, I have to be intentional about steps that I take. Take out sometimes and plan the week ahead.

Have fun, go hang out with friends or your baby then be home early especially if you live in the southeast. For your own safety.

Also, call home and find out how everyone is doing. Balance is key. We left home to feed home right? Always keep in touch.

Have an amazing week ahead.

Where you in church today?

Where do you worship?


Let us know in the comment section.



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