A single woman can have a beautiful fulfilling life, it all depends on how she sees it and what she wants out of life.

I recently discovered that there certain stigmas surrounding a single woman who is above 30, people think is okay to ask you why you are not married yet.

A man who doesn’t even know me asked me why i am single, he is an agent who is supposed to help me get an apartment but he was genuinely  surprised that i came alone.

My reply made him mind his business, i told him that i want a man who has some sense, common sense because a man with common sense won’t ask a stranger such a personal question.

This is just one of the situations that may arise around you because you are single and it makes me wonder, Is this why women do just anything to be married? Why some go over board to celebrate getting a ring? Why women stay in abusive marriages?

Some are just married, no career, no nothing so even if they decide to move, no money for rent and some families will prefer that you stay there instead of coming back home.

An empowered, skilled, strong and solid woman knows better and by the special grace of God, i am in this category and i know not to jump on just anyone so i will be respected by people who don’t even feed me.

This respecting married women more than single women has to stop, everyone is equal in the sight of God and i don’t see what a married woman has on a single woman.

When i get married to the love of my life, i won’t look down on single women because its not easy for women to work and become successful and sometimes without support from family.

Hey girl, don’t crack other such pressure, instead remove yourself from any circle that makes you feel pressured to get married or make you feel like you need a special prayer because you are single.

Being single is an opportunity to discover yourself and i pray you discover who you are because it will guild you when it comes to deciding who to settle down with.

I am career woman, a writer, an on air personality, i also own a skin care line that is fast growing so i can’t be with a man who is looking for a house wife.

Discover yourself, what you like, who you are and the kind of people and man you need so you don’t make mistakes. If you get it wrong, you may leave later but the memory will always be a bad one.

Never allow anyone stigmatize you for being single, always put them in their place, at the end of the day it will be worth it.

Cheers darling, this phase is beautiful and the next phase will be mind blowing.

Sending you love and light!


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