Having more than one stream of income will save you from having panic attack when one shuts down.

You can be a master of more than one thing, you are yet to use a good percentage of your brain.

Studies has it that a lot of people don’t use up to 30 percent of their brain power, don’t be one of them.

I had to woman up, I am not there yet but I have successfully created two sources of income for myself and I am working on the third one.

This morning, I woke up as early as 5 am, made fresh skin care products because the order came in late and I had to sleep.

Some of my customers stay outside Enugu state so I had to rush to two different parks to waybill to two different states before resuming work at 9am.

It was stressful but it was worth it. I have a few delivery guys that I work with but some reasons they couldn’t meet up so I had to do it.

So my skin care pays and my other job pays too. Find a way to add something else to what you do.

Be consistent with it and over time, you will be glad you did and like I always say; look within.

What you love is where your money is. I love having a fresh skin so I learnt skin care.

If you love clothes, learn how to make money out of it. It could be anything. Just look inwards.

Don’t depend on your salary, use your salary to fund your business.

Start now!

Sending you love and light.

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