Let me use my favorite quote “The world is now online” so you can meet anyone and have meaningful conversations with just anyone.

I must say that we are lucky to be alive at a time when you can facetime and chat with someone overseas anytime you want.

Online dating is a new reality that is here to stay and it has quite a number of advantages:

  • One key advantage is the possibility to remain anonymous as long as necessary and to only reveal your identity when you start trusting the interlocutor.
  • Anonymity enables complete honesty and annihilates any barriers in communication determined by societal taboos.
  • Powerful filters can help sort very efficiently through the candidates and settle with a “workable pool” of people with strongly desirable traits.
  • Online platforms provides a safe place for adult hookup, for romantic long-term relationships, or even simple friendship or text chat.

However, there are lots and lots of disadvantages, some people are just online looking for victims.

You have to:

  • Beware of catfishes– When meeting someone unfamiliar, make sure a friend or family member knows who, when and where you’re meeting, safety is extremely important in these circumstances. People are not exactly what they are online. People use others peoples pictures just to attract girls and guy. Do not fall a victim. Ritualists are always online looking for people to use for their next ritual.
  • Choose your apps wisely– Dating can be a fun and exciting time as you get to meet new people and flings can turn into meaningful relationships, remember to enjoy the ride and the search for your perfect match, even Princess Tiana had to kiss a few frogs but choose the sites wisely, do ask questions.
  • Fraud attempts – There are lots of fake businesses online and a lot of people are trying to travel outside the country using fake information. So be careful out there by filtering people we get involved with because online dating increasingly emphasizes the importance of looks over personality traits.

On a serious note, there should be jail term for people just online looking for girls to deceive, steal money from or worse still, looking for people to kill.

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