The prophetess is a based on a true life story. I am Nigerian and we are very religious people. Nigeria was once great though i don’t remember when but i heard Nigeria used to be great.

Now our everyday life is filled with uncertainty and we have to trust God to comes to our rescue, personally i pray and i am happy with the results so far.

Our parents are also in a hurry to know what the future holds for them and their children.

That’s how Ifeaoma’s mom met a prophetess who told her what the future hold, this woman does nothing without the consent of this prophetess.

This is the story of many Nigerian women, they believe in going for special prayers. Ifeoma’s mom  became a victim but God saved her.

The prophetess got close to her husband and hypnotized him, a clear case of getting more problems while in search for a solution.

Her husband stopped coming home and she decided to call on God all alone in her room, after two years her husband came home and she won.

She almost lost her life because the prophetess told her  that she will die in labor because she was pregnant at that time.

The baby was two years old when her husband finally returned and he was forgiven because he didn’t know what he was doing.

Now she now prays in church and in her home plus she no longer go from one prophet to another.

The last they heard, the prophetess now lives with a boy young enough to be her son.

Be careful and look up to God alone.

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