First of all I want to say that I can never fully understand the bad things you went through as a child. All I ask Is that you don’t let the damaged child in you ruin the rest of your life.

We’ve all been through ugly things but some people had the luxury of experiencing the ugly side of life as an adult when you can at least defend and fight for yourself.

However, as a child, you are meant to be with people who can defend you, protect you and teach you how to be strong.

I don’t know how most of them are not able to do that. The child is left unattended to so he or she is exposed to lots of things.

Some of those things damaged the child and by the time he or she becomes an adult, there won’t be any self esteem left no matter how beautiful or handsome he or she is.

They find themselves living their lives to please people, seeking for love because the damaged child in them is crying for love and protection.

Some of them become mean, wayward or just crazy. The big dream you once had has been thrown away because you have no zeal to pursue it.

The good news is that once you make peace with that child within you, you become strong and unstoppable because suddenly you realize that none of what happened is your fault and you must not let it destroy your entire life.

It gets more interesting, you become unstoppable because you are determined to make sure that you kids don’t go through any of those things that destroyed your childhood .

Now your vision is razor sharp, you know exactly what you want out of life and what you must do. Suddenly you realize that generations to come are depending on it to show them how it’s done.

Why do you think the most successful people in this life have the ugliest story. Your mission is to change it and become who they taught you could never be.

There is an exercise that I did that helped me a lot. You are going to cry so much when you do this so grab some tissue; you will feel much better after the exercise.

Find time and go a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. Sit down and close your eye and go back to the incident/incidences that almost destroyed you.

Remember exactly what you were wearing, the exact setting.

Locate the 10 year old you or 5 year old, depending on how old you were now. Now go as an adult in your memory and hug your 5 year old self, tell your little self what you wish someone told you.

Hug your little self tightly. Tell little yourself that everything will be ok.

You are not going to just cry, you will wail but by time you open your eyes, you will realize that the burden is almost gone.

Pick a pen and write down your childhood goals again and pursue it with all thy might!

This article is very personal to me because this is a personal ritual.

No one taught me but I figured I could get into my memory and make peace with something especially when it is myself.

Rise from your ashes like a Phoenix!!! Rise my friend.

I Chioma Jumbo has risen and the world is not ready.

Sending you love and light!!!

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