Shawarma is popular in African countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. The African version adds some flare to the traditional middle eastern Shawarma. It is created using easy to get sweet, savory and spices which all comes together to create an highly seasoned marinated slices of meat.

A lot of people love sharwama but not every sharwama spot can deliver. I recall that a certain sharwama left a bad taste in my mouth, thankfully i discovered these spots and now i enjoy sharwama.

Shawarma King– You gotta try this particular spot, God! they gat me all day, any day. The moment i think of sharwama, this spot comes to mind.

Daisy life– They more than sharwama to offer, they have a sassy chicken and chips. They are good mehn!

Oven and Batter– They made it to this list for a good reason

 Lolli’s grill– Way to go!

So darling, this weekend thrill your taste buds with juicy sharwama from these spot.

Come back and thank me later.

Sending you love and light.

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