Be glad that you don’t have to deal with a two timing person anymore. Be your own valentine

It hurts but it won’t hurt for a long time. The right person will definitely come along.

Love is beautiful only when it is shared with a beautiful soul not some dark wicked soul from hell.

The way some people treat their partner eeeh. Some years ago while I was in school, a girl beside me started crying all of a sudden.

Guess what? the guy who took her virginity while professing endless love to her just told her to move on.

This was during exam period oooo. No conscience at all. My darling don’t kill yourself for anyone.

If your partner decides to ghost you, be there for yourself. Love yourself this valentine.

Do not let anyone make you feel worthless. You are worthy of love and it must not come from that particular person.

Love others just as you love yourself; this statement means that you have to love yourself first.

If they stay, you love yourself. If they decide to leave on your birthday, val day e.t.c you still love yourself.

Focus on your hustle, get better, rebrand yourself, live and enjoy your life.

Buy a beautiful gift for yourself, take care of your skin, download great movies and watch.

Go and give lots of love to the needy and watch you heart heal.

Love is on the way.

Sending you love and light.

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