This drama on “When the past becomes the present” is a love story, one that will keep you intrigued till you finish reading the entire story.

Adaeze was so excited to finally serve her motherland. Upon completion of university, it is excepted that you go for service, you can’t wait to wear NYSC uniform.

Its the joy of every graduate and Adaeze was in high spirits, she was posted to cross river state, camping came with mixed feeling, it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t a very good experience.

Poor amenities, lack of water and having to sleep in bunks for the first time in her life made it difficult for her during the first week but she found a way around it.

She met lots of people but there was something different when she met Femi, she had gone to check for relocation, when she met Femi, she needed to redeploy to another state and he helped her to confirm that her name is on the list.

Something clicked but she couldn’t place what it was, she just knew she had to keep seeing him so SHE went back to check on Femi the following day and they became friends, she trusted him so much so early without a reason.

This friendship blossomed but she was in a relationship to notice that Femi was in love with her, she knew he is a nice guy and should be in her corner but she didn’t know why.

He craved and longed for her but she was not just in that space at that time, she just loved seeing him and that was all she thought she needed from him, Boy, was she wrong?

Its true that you can feel it when your husband or wife, Adaeze’s heart skipped when she met him for the first time because he is the one but she was too occupied to recognize it.

Life happened and they became distant friends, he became someone she used to know, they talk once in a long while, she grew and so did he. Adaeze’s encountered some life challenges and needed someone she could trust to help her through it.

Femi came to mind once again and she hoped it wasn’t too late to make things right, she began to recognize what happened the first time she met him, it was love at first sight but she didn’t nurture it and it died.

Oh my oh my she screamed inward and hoped she can fix it, he maybe in the past but she has to try and she did. Femi wasn’t exactly thrilled to see her, just basic long time no see. Can i fix this? Adaeze thought, she has to start somewhere.

She asked Femi if he was dating someone and he said no and she decided to fix things, they started dating but it was difficult, he was no longer the same guy, he had become cruel and very disrespectful.

Adaeze wanted to give up so many time but it felt like her heart was being ripped off at the thought leaving again, before she didn’t acknowledge her feeling for him but now she is shamelessly loving him, trying to fix it.

Something was off, what is it? turns out Femi has a woman, like he is almost married as at the time she came back to him and he didn’t see any reason to be honest with Adaeze.

Lots of back ands  forth and everything in between, tears and sweat whenever she was alone and sometimes in his presence because you really can’t hide pain.

Not knowing what to do, she decided to let everything go, at least she tried and not everything will go your way in life. Femi decided to apologize for everything and they became friends and has been good friends since then, he married his woman but remain friends with Adaeze.

Adaeze needed someone she could trust and Femi became that person once again, helping her navigate through life, adaeze has had a rough life and has no one to help her survive and Femi lent his shoulders.

Femi fell in love with her again but he already belongs to someone so it was too late, what needed to be done was done.

Love happens but it doesn’t end in marriage all the time and such is life, Adaeze is doing well now and is finally ready to give love another shot, this time with her act together not a situation where a lady wants to get married because it is the only option.

Femi came from the past and is now part of Adaeze’s daily life as her adviser and manager. Sometimes we have to look back to set the present straight.

When a relationship ends, you don’t have to be become enemies, you either move on peacefully or become friends or just be civil. Adaeze chose to remain and its all good as long as boundaries are set and maintained.

Sending you love and light.

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